Brother BRAdmin Professional 3.4


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The Brother BRAdmin Professional software is a powerful and reliable management tool that can manage your Brother network-connected products. It can also be used to view the status of other SNMP-compliant network printing devices. Features of BRAdmin Professional Software: - View and change a wide variety of printer and print server information The BRAdmin Professional software can provide you with useful information such as page counts, serial number information or enable you to change the paper size. Simply connect to the device using the BRAdmin Professional software and change the desired options. - View other SNMP-compliant printers or FAX/DCP/MFC machines If there are other SNMP-compliant printers/FAX/DCP/MFC machines in your network that support the SNMP protocol, the BRAdmin Professional software can be used to monitor the status of those devices and launch their own embedded web servers if applicable. - Multiprotocol support The BRAdmin Professional software will run on a Windows® PC that has the TCP/IP or IPX/SPX protocols. *With the 64-bit version of Windows®, the IPX/SPX protocols cannot be used with BRAdmin Professional. - Mass-configure printer or print server settings The BRAdmin Professional software can be used to mass-configure device settings. This means that if you have a group of printers/FAX/DCP or MFC machines which you would like to be configured in an identical way, the BRAdmin Professional software can broadcast the settings you require to a single device or a group of Brother network-connected devices. - Web page launch Many Brother printers/FAX/DCP/MFC machines have embedded web servers that allow the administrator to view the configuration of the device and the print server using a web browser. For those devices that have this capability, BRAdmin Professional can be used to launch a web browser and automatically display the device information. - Organize printers into groups Place printers into specific groups: for example, if you have a Sales department or Marketing department with their own printers, use the BRAdmin Professional software to create Sales and Marketing groups and then place the corresponding printers into their own unique group. - Easy access to the latest information about your product Click the 'Brother Solutions Center' icon at the top right of the screen to learn more about your printer's capabilities. The Brother Solutions Center contains a wealth of product information. - Easy upgrading After downloading the latest firmware file from the Solutions center web site, the BRAdmin Professional software can be used to upgrade a single server or a group of print servers in one easy step. - Sophisticated discovery settings - E-mail notification * This is a new feature that is supported in BRAdmin Professional 3.x or later version. The BRAdmin Professional software monitors the status of network-connected Brother and other SNMP-compliant devices. If a device goes into an error state, the BRAdmin Professional software can send an e-mail to different users informing them of the problem. - Device usage log * This is a new feature that is supported in BRAdmin Professional 3.x or later version. The BRAdmin Professional Log feature allows the software to record the use of Brother and other SNMP-compliant devices. This information is then saved as a log file and can be viewed using BRAdmin Professional for further analysis. - Monitoring locally connected devices (USB & parallel) * This is a new feature that is supported in BRAdmin Professional 3.x or later version when used with the BRPrint Auditor software. The Print Auditor Client software allows you to monitor locally connected devices that are connected to your PC via a USB or parallel port. That information is then passed to the BRAdmin Professional software. This allows the administrator to check items such as page counts, toner and drum status and the firmware version. Locally connected devices are polled on a scheduled basis, which can be specified from within the BRAdmin Professional software.

Systems: Windows

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